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02 April 2006 @ 02:35 pm

Name: Jennifer
Age: 17
5 Positive Qualities: Intelligent, eccentric, funny, charismatic, and creative.
5 Negative Qualities: Headstrong, sarcastic, lazy, dramatic, and territorial.

Movie: Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights, Forrest Gump, Almost Famous.. The list goes on.
Animal: Sloth's usually, but today I'm fond of
Classic Actor: Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant.. Gah! I can't pick! -.-
Classic Actress: Katharine Hepburn..
Color: Orange
Book: 'The Truth About Forever' by Sarah Dessen
Song: 'The Way I Do' by Marcos Hernandez
Quote: "Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him and then choose that way with all his strength."

Either Or
Quiet or Loud: loud
Diamonds or Pearls: pearls
Blonde or Brunette: brunette
Comedy or Drama: drama
Martini or Gin & Tonic: tom collins
Love or Money: love
Play or Musical: musical

What would you do?
If your lover left you?: Get drunk and write about it.

If you loved someone who didn’t love you back?: Been there, done that. I got drunk and wrote about it. (Noticing a trend here?)

If you knew your friends spouse was stepping out on them?: Well I sure as hell wouldn't tell them, but I'd be there for them once it finally happened.

If you had to confront someone, but didn’t know how to go about it?: I usually don't have a problem confronting people, so it wouldn't bother me.

What do you think of………
Promiscuity?: To each their own, I suppose. Go for it. I mean, as long as they're mature about it (willing to deal with the consequences, should they arrive) I don't see a damn thing wrong with it.

Sex?: It's lovely...?

Extramarital affairs?: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong to the umpteenth degree. His ass would be kicked the fuck out!

Love and marriage?: They go together like a horse and carriage? Love's great; there's nothing better. Marriage.. I'm not so sure about that one...
Erinxxerin on April 25th, 2006 04:08 pm (UTC)