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classic_stamps's Journal

.Classic Stamping.
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Welcome to classic_stamps! This is a community for those of you who love the classy side of life and love classic movies. As you have probably figured out, this is a stamping community. About every week we will have a "theme", this theme will be something like "Who is your leading man" or "What character from All About Eve are you?". Each theme will have a survey, you will be voted on after posting your survey, and then stamped. Each theme will obviously have new stamps. Members can participate in as many themes as they want, but do try to participate in as many as possible. If you are going to join this community, I ask that you be an active member. It is unfair for you to post your survey and not vote on other members. Anyone can joing this community, but all stamps//themes will be classic movie oriented. If you dont watch classic movies and are just a stamping community whore, please dont join.

01. Do not insult other members. If you have beef with someone, take it to your private journals. Sorry but this is not the place for an all out Syliva Fowler & Miriam Aarons catfight. If you start any sort of drama, you will be kicked out of the community.
02. If you are going to promote a community here, I ask two things of you. The community must be in some way classic movie oriented, and you must promote us back.
03. Please do not complain about your votes//stamp. There will be times when a restamp in optional.

Current survey is here

Since the theme will change all voting rules will be posted when the new theme is posted.